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Developing an Argentine agro-technological model for the production of pharmaceutical grade cannabis 

INTA and Pampa Hemp inaugurate the first public-private agreement for the research and production of medicinal cannabis in Argentina at the Experimental Station of Pergamino, Province of Buenos Aires

Two months after the regulation of Law 27.350 that enables medical and scientific research on the medicinal use of cannabis and its derivatives, the first public-private agreement was announced between INTA (National Institute of Agricultural Technology) and Pampa Hemp, a private company ,for the scientific research and local production of cannabis for medicinal purposes.

The objective of this agreement is to promote the national production of raw material for pharmaceutical use that results in medical and therapeutic applications for the benefit of Argentine users. The focus will be on R&D and production activities; developing cannabis cultivation techniques with different genetic varieties, as well as the design of production protocols supported by the integration and development of local traceability technologies, applied artificial intelligence, automation, sensorization and monitoring of crops that are subsequently scalable at the agronomic level, complying with the highest quality standards required by the industry worldwide.

A second objective of INTA + Pampa Hemp will be the development of its own genetics for medicinal purposes and other uses, through the stabilization of local varieties and the creation of a cannabis seed bank that allows having germplasm adapted to the conditions of our geography and weather. In addition, it is expected to generate exports of local production, bringing a high quality product, with all the corresponding certifications, to the different international markets. 

We are Green Innovation; environmentally friendly and socially responsible products and solutions to facilitate sustainable development.

INTA Pergamino Agricultural Experimental Station

Currently the Experimental Station has 748 hectares, where are its various facilities (buildings, laboratories, greenhouses, etc.) and 15 Rural Development Agencies. In its experimental field, trials and experiences are carried out in accordance with the regional and strategic projects underway, producing technical information for the entire Pampas area and in some areas for other areas of the country. 

More than 130 professionals from different specialties carry out their research, experimentation and rural development activities based on sustainability, equity and agri-food competitiveness.


Our team is made up of top-level technical and scientific experts, dedicated to the research and development of a local agro-technological methodology for the production of pharmaceutical grade cannabis.

Sebastián Tedesco

Technical Coordinator / PampaHemp

Entrepreneur, Industrial Designer (UBA), artist and researcher (IIAC-UNTREF). Cannabiculturist with more than 20 years of experience, participates as a consultant in various projects related to agricultural technology and transdisciplinary innovation. Entrepreneur in the field of technology, since 2014 he directs art-science projects at the MUNTREF Center for Art and Science of UNTREF where he directs the Specialization in Conceptual Design career.

Pablo Fazio

Operations Coordinator / PampaHemp

Political scientist and entrepreneur. After a stint in the public function, as an entrepreneur he developed multiple companies in different branches and activities. For more than 3 years, he has been promoting various initiatives in relation to the cannabis industry, including the founding of the Argentine Chamber of Cannabis, of which he is President

Ing. Natalia Prece

Project Coordinator / INTA

Agricultural Engineer (UNR) Magister in Management and Conservation of Natural Resources (UNR). Researcher of the group Management of Agricultural Crops of the EEA INTA Pergamino.

Ing. Alan Severini

Project Co-coordinator / INTA

Agricultural Engineer (UBA), Master in Plant Production (UBA) and PhD in Plant Sciences, Research School of Biology, The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia. He is currently a researcher at the EEA INTA Pergamino in Crop Ecophysiology.

Ing. Jimena Introna

Crop management / INTA

Agricultural Engineer (UNLZ). Researcher of the group Management of Agricultural Crops of the EEA INTA Pergamino. Specialty: management and modeling of agricultural crops.

Ing. Antonio Diaz Paleo

Geneticist / INTA

Agronomist Engineer, Orientation: Phytotechnics (UBA). Head of the Biotechnology Laboratory at EEA Pergamino, INTA and Professor of Biotechnology and Genetic Improvement at UNNOBA.


Testimonials about our project and the horizon of the cannabis industry in Argentina


Some repercussions of our project in the news media:  

Medicinal cannabis: the export industry that wants to generate US $ 1 billion in foreign exchange in the next 10 yearss

From the flexibility of the regulatory framework, new active ventures arose such as Cannava, with the participation of the Jujuy government, and the private Pampa Hemp, a company that is going to grow in Pergamino.

La Nación / March 2, 2021

Cannabis made in Argentina: a local firm will make the first production with INTA

It is an agreement between INTA and the company Pampa Hemp. It will be harvested in Pergamino in the first instance for research. It is expected to be commercialized and even exported to the world.

Apertura / February 1, de 2021

How is the first public-private agreement to research and produce medical cannabis

The agreements signed by the INTA so far have involved provincial governments, municipal governments or NGOs. This is the first with a private entity.

Revista THC / February 5, 2021

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